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The Burgundian négociant has announced the acquisition of Métarie d’Alon Vineyards found South of Carcassonne in the Languedoc.

The vineyard previously belonged to Jean Louis Denois who planted the Domaine de L’Aigle vineyards which are now part of the portfolio of the Gérard Bertrand Group.

These are the first vines which Badet-Clément has actually acquired. “We have been looking to buy a vineyard for several years in order to produce premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.” states Laurent Delaunay, CEO of the Badet-Clément Group.

These vines will be used to produce the premium wines for Abbotts & Delaunay, their Languedoc subsidiary which specialises in premium wines from the region. Badet-Clément also acquired the cooperative cellar in Monze which is to become the central winery for Languedoc production for the Abbotts & Delaunay and the Jamelles ranges.

Badet-Clément post gross sales of 41 million euros and is currently looking to expand by M and A.

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