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Our expertise

WINE Objectives was created in order to serve the wine industry by responding to the needs and requirements of both industry players and a wider international client base.

The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to offer a full range of complementary services to our clients :
fusion et acquisition viticoles
We represent our clients who wish to invest in or dispose of their holdings in wine industry related companies. Clients rely upon our wide experience and fully established network in order to find the appropriate partner for the transaction.

Our company specializes in the sale/acquisition of vineyard estates, taking into account the specific economic, tax and inheritance issues.

transaction de domaines
Valuation opinions of companies, brands or vineyards for buyers and vendors. Our exhaustive knowledge of the industry allows us to provide you with an analysis of the present and also the potential value of a target.
Within the framework of the restructuring of your company we steer you through the minefield of options in order to find the solution which is most adapted to your requirements.
Through more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer this service to allow you to analyze production costs, thus facilitating decision making in every step of the wine production process.