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“Wine Objectives has gained a strong reputation in this niche market, its consultants having worked in several branches of the wine industry and belonging to the world of winegrowers themselves. We therefore accompany our clients with a “hands-on” knowledge of all the subtleties of their trade. But above all, we are acutely aware that the transfer of a family estate, a wine brand or a trading company requires a commitment to absolute confidentiality and a rigorous business ethic: these are the hallmarks of Wine Objectives.”

Adam Dakin


Exclusive consultancy assignments

Wine Objectives is an independent consultancy specialising in transactions and mergers and acquisitions in the wine and spirits industry.

Our advisory missions are driven by a commitment to absolute confidentiality and a dedication to quality of service and business ethics.

The Wine Objectives team relies on a sectorial know-how which is based on an in-depth knowledge of a complex field which is experiencing an accentuated globalisation with a sustained consolidation trend.

We are often called upon by clients for consultancy missions that require complete discretion. To this end, Wine Objectives is committed to assisting its clients in the execution of their transfer projects with the utmost confidence.

Exclusive wine estate transactions advisory firm

Within the context of its M&A activities, our company is mandated for the sale of numerous domains/brands where this absolute discretion is paramount.

In order to have access to these “off-market” files, our “purchasing” clients are asked to respect a strict modus operandi:

1. Signature of a non-disclosure agreement which specifies, in particular

The scope of the transfer

The definition of confidential information

The obligations of the parties

The duration of the undertaking

2. Providing proof of identity or the first four pages of a passport.

We hope that our purchasing clients will understand the need to follow this modus operandi which, whilst rigorous, allows us to maintain the confidentiality required by some of our “vendor” clients.



recherche dynamique

The selection and evaluation of potential targets is the first proactive step in an M&A strategy. It involves the definition of selection criteria and then an active search through databases or through a consultancy firm. The main difficulty in this stage is to define the relevant selection criteria and avoid two main pitfalls:

  • Criteria that are too vague or not sufficiently linked to the strategic reasons for the operation, with a risk of spreading the results too widely
  • Research or criteria that are too precise from the outset with the risk of overlooking potential targets

WO Private Office supports many investors in a proactive approach, through a search mandate with a fixed remuneration. The selection criteria are clearly identified and validated by the client, allowing the identification of targets which will be the subject of a comprehensive strategic analysis to determine the strategic fit between the buyer and the target. The first contacts are made in a confidential manner to guarantee the client’s anonymity



In order to meet the wishes of certain estate owners, both whose considerations and the very assessment of the possible sale of an asset or business must be part of a confidential process hermetically protected from any leaks, many files will never be officially offered for sale. For these off-market files (major brands, mythical estates, vineyard gems*, high-value estates), a standard approach in the search for a buyer is prohibited and the profile and name of each potential buyer is validated in advance with the owner before any contact is made.
* Vineyard estates that stand out for the quality of their heritage, their terroir, their outstanding wines, their reputation, their location and the passionate men and women who have led them