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Financial appraisal

FINANCIAL APPRAISAL of companies, brands or vineyard estates on behalf of buyers or sellers.
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Financial analysis for wineries

Financial appraisal can be defined as a group of analyses which enable us to dissect financial and economic information whose purpose is to value the entire enterprise and bear judgement on its performance, its financial situation and its risks.

The main objective of financial appraisal is to make a financial diagnostic of the company which can be used as a decision making tool. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to not only present you with an appraisal of current businesses, but also of the potential value of a target.

Our services

  • Company appraisals (free cash flow, EBITDA, turnover…)
  • Appraisal of a target company or business being sold
  • Appraisal of intangible assets (brands, patents…)
  • Patrimonial appraisals by valuation of fixed assets or comparable sale
  • Appraisal as a grounding for M&A developments

If you want to make a financial appraisal of your vineyard, your business or your activity, or if you want to make an appraisal of a target company, please contact us.

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