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A leading specialist and fervent enthusiast of trophy vineyards*

Having spanned the appellations of the Grand Sud Est and accompanied wine investment projects for more than 20 years, Adam relies not only on his proven wine expertise but also on his in-depth knowledge of the wine industry and its players. His portfolio is eclectic and ultra-confidential: from well-known and lesser-known winegrowers, to business leaders in transition and captains of industry, to international investment institutions. His utmost respect for the trust placed in him means that every detail is checked before an opportunity is presented to one of his buying clients.


* an estate that stands out from the crowd for the quality of its wines, its terroir, its history and the passionate men and women who have led it.

Adam Dakin

“The Wine Objectives team specialises exclusively in transactions and M&A operations in the wine and spirits sector.”

Adam Dakin

catherine ott


Committed to every wine project and eager to share her understanding of the world of vineyards and wine

Born in the Bandol region, in the heart of the vineyards, Catherine brings to the service of wine transactions her technical knowledge and entrepreneurial experience.

Aware of the challenges faced by winegrowers and very attached to the winegrowing landscape and the accompanying economics, she offers a comprehensive approach to understanding all aspects of the winegrowing profession: the land, viticulture and vinification, of course, but also marketing, administrative and financial constraints, extending to related activities, in particular wine tourism. Her goal is to facilitate informed transfer or participation agreements and ambitious, long-term projects.


Wine Objectives has gained a strong reputation in this niche market, its consultants having worked in several branches of the wine industry and belonging to the world of winegrowers themselves. We therefore accompany our clients with a “hands-on” knowledge of all the subtleties of their trade. But above all, we are acutely aware that the transfer of a family estate, a wine brand or a trading company requires a commitment to absolute confidentiality and a rigorous business ethic: these are the hallmarks of Wine Objectives.


Experience, global perspective, discretion, business ethics… and specific, bespoke support for each project.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the wine sector in which our clients are evolving and investing. We understand the driving forces of growth and change and the needs of wineries and businesses at every stage of their evolution and development. In working with our clients, whether sellers or investors, we examine all aspects of the current picture in order to propose innovative and effective solutions within the framework of the defined objectives.

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