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Conveyance of vineyard estates

Our firm is the only company specialised in the conveyance of large vineyard estates in the three large wine regions which constitute the Vineyard of the South-East of France:

fusion et acquisition viticoles

Proceeding with the takeover of a winery

With over 20 years’ experience, Adam Dakin, the director of WINE Objectives will guide you in your choice of vineyard and will listen to your needs and help to define your financial and non-financial objectives as a future « vigneron ».

An expert for your wine investment

Having always worked in the wine industry, with several years’ experience in production and « négociant » activities, Adam will enjoy sharing his knowledge and experiences with you. He adopts a hand-holding approach in order to allow neo-investors to grasp the specific nature of a vineyard business and the production ratios which differ greatly from industry and finance.

The conveyance of a vineyard estate requires an in-depth knowledge of all of the legal, financial and technical areas which are specific to a vineyard business. However, the most important aspect which needs to be discerned in the transmission of an estate lies in the human and emotional side. The sale of a property which has belonged to the same family for several generations, for example, requires an exclusive approach and demands a true understanding of the complex nature of affective matters and the patrimonial obligations of descendants and heirs.

WINE Objectives commits to undertaking all matters with the utmost respect of business deontology and its clients’ privacy.

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