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The star bottle boom

Between Apt and Cavaillon, in the land of hilltop villages, Michel Blanc doesn’t need to capitalize on his homonym with the former cast member of Le Splendid to rub shoulders with the cream of showbiz.

Overlooking the Calavon valley

The estate of this farmer’s son is adjacent to the sumptuous vineyards of a host of American movie stars. A profusion of stars that make this part of the Luberon seem like Hollywood.

Michel Blanc’s direct neighbor, John Malkovich

Reigns over the Quelles de la Coste vineyards. Yes, yes, the hero of “Dans la peau de…” has slipped into the clothes of a Provencal winegrower. And the role has lasted since 1993. In order to avoid any dangerous liaison in the blending of a rosé that’s a big hit on the export market, the American drinks the expensive advice of Jean Natoli, an expert in southern flasks. A wise man, he knows that vines don’t stand improvisation as well as platters. “I’ve met him before, and to be honest, he’s a man who thrives on ordinary relationships,” says Michel Blanc.

A stone’s throw from his colleague Malkovich, Ridley Scott also has his own vines

In his fiefdom of Les Infermières, acquired in 1992. The director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner” started out teasing grapes as an amateur, before turning professional in 2019. Two cuvées, Source and Chevalier, are now produced in rosé and red. And the white “is coming soon”, promises the website, as if announcing the new season.

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